About Marijke Buurlage

Marijke Buurlage (27) is an illustrator who lives in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. She graduated from Minerva Academy Groningen (2009-2013) and has been working as a freelance illustrator ever since. She mostly works on editorial illustrations for magazines, children’s books, book covers, posters, apps and e-books, but she also loves working on self-initiated side-projects. Her work is vibrant, light-hearted, playful and feminine and her two most favorite things to draw are animals and botanicals.

Marijke Buurlage is available* for illustration projects in all shapes and sizes. Don't hesitate to contact info@marijkebuurlage.com for questions or a price quote. All questions or remarks are welcome!

*Please note that Marijke is fully booked until August 2017! Commissions for Autumn/Winter 2017 are welcome.

Online features & interviews

Urban Outfitters ۰ Fubiz ۰ Artistic Moods ۰ The Jungalow ۰ Amadeus Magazine ۰ People of Print ۰ Grain Edit ۰ Limelight ۰ Picame Magazine ۰ The Daily Indie / La Gravure (video) ۰ Inkygoodness ۰ Creative Safari ۰ Eight Magazine ۰ Illustration Friday ۰ Fontanel (2) ۰ Fontanel (1) ۰ Wrap Magazine

Nominations / Awards
Honorable Mention 3x3 Magazine Picture Book Show ۰ June 2015 ۰ Boekie Boekie stArt Award / Nomination ۰ 2014 ۰ Fontanel Young Talent / Award ۰ 2013 ۰

Flow Magazine ۰ VPRO Gids ۰ Swatch ۰ WNF ۰ Adobe ۰ Quest ۰ Timbuktu Labs ۰ Solberg & Hansen ۰ Book.Vosk ۰ Cocofloss ۰ Travesías Magazine ۰ DOT Magazine ۰ Buro Klei ۰ Afûk Publishers ۰ Oak & Morrow ۰ Regatas Magazine ۰ Snor Publishers ۰ Storytime Magazine ۰ Pacific Alliance ۰ Milk Estudio


Flow Magazine NL - Mijn Dag in Illustraties ۰ June 2017
An illustration about a typical day in my life as an illustrator for Flow Magazine NL #4, 2017.

Flow Magazine NL - Grace ۰ February 2017
An illustration that I made for an article about 'grace' in Flow Magazine NL #2, 2017.

DPI Magazine - Art Quarter vol. 14 - Taste it! Food Branding & Packaging Made Success by Illustrations ۰ December 2016
My Chochochou chocolate bar packaging illustrations are featured in this amazing magazine filled with great packaging design.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls illustration ۰ December 2016
I created an illustration for the wonderful book 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' by Timbuktu Labs. More about this project very soon!

Society6 Art Quarterly ۰ November 2016
Some of my work was published in the Art Quarterly #1.4 by Society6.

Christmas Campaign Solberg & Hansen ۰ November 2016
An amazing packaging illustration project for Solberg & Hansen's Christmas campaign.

Make-up pouch illustration Cocofloss ۰ September 2016
Another fun assignment: creating an illustration for a make-up pouch by flossing brand Cocofloss.

Illustration for Quest Psychology (NL) ۰ July 2016
An illustration for an article in Quest Psychology (NL) about why traveling far increases your social status.

Cover illustration for Regatas Magazine ۰ July 2016
A cover illustration for the Peruvian sports magazine Regatas, all about the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Postcard Snor Publishers ۰ June 2016
A postcard I illustrated for Snor Publishers.

Travel Illustrations for the Pacific Alliance ۰ May 2016
An illustrated series created for a travel magazine called 'Four Nations, an infinite experience' by the Pacific Alliance, designed by Milk Estudio.

Swatch Social Media Campaign ۰ May 2016
An illustrated series for a social media campaign by Swatch, to promote the new Swatch POP watches.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Cover illustration ۰ May 2016
An illustration for the cover of VPRO Magazine's weekend special, that came along with 'de Volkskrant' newspaper.

Errratum ۰ April 2016
One of my Cambodia illustrations ('Water Village') got published in the French paper Errratum.

Aviary by Adobe ۰ February 2016
Illustrations for a sticker pack and overlay pack for the photo editor app 'Aviary' by Adobe.

WNF Lifeguard Posterzine ۰ February 2016
A poster design for the WNF Lifeguard Posterzine of Februari 2016.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Correspondents Dinner NL ۰ February 2016
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about the Dutch Correspondents Dinner in 2016.

Flow Magazine NL - Ochtendgeluk ۰ January 2016
Two illustrations about the joy of the early morning for Flow Magazine NL #1, 2016.

Travesías Magazine - Cambodia ۰ December 2015
An illustrated series of five pieces about Cambodia, for the Mexican travel magazine 'Travesías'.

DOT Magazine - Rock'N'Sock ۰ December 2015
I illustrated a page for the poem 'Rock'N'Sock' in DOT Magazine; a quarterly print magazine by Anorak Magazine, aimed at boys & girls aged 5 and under.

CasaFacile - Coloring page ۰ November 2015
I illustrated a page for a coloring book project of CasaFacile: an Italian home decor magazine. The theme was 'home'.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Fossiel is passé ۰ November 2015
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about divestment in the fossil fuel sector.

VPRO Magazine ('VPRO Gids') - Geen gebakken lucht ۰ November 2015
An illustration for VPRO Magazine about CO2 emission.

Storytime Magazine - Christmas Story Special ۰ November 2015
Illustrated three full-page spreads for the Christmas Story Special of Storytime Magazine for the poem 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Uppercase Magazine - Issue #27 ۰ October 2015
Featured in Uppercase Magazine as one of the 30 'New Illustration Talents'.

NeverLazy Magazine - Issue #19 ۰ September 2015
Featured in NeverLazy Magazine including portfolio material and an interview (5 spreads).

SOFFA Magazine - Issue #10 ۰ August 2015
My 'Underwater World' illustration was published in SOFFA Magazine in their 10th issue, that focused on eternal youth.

It Grutte Foarlêsboek app (Afûk) ۰ August 2015
I provided all the illustrations for the story and game 'It Toverboek' in the 'It Grutte Foarlêsboek' app. This is a Frisian app focusing on educating kids about the Frisian language.

CasaFacile ۰ July 2015
My artwork for the Natural Recall project got featured in the Italian magazine CasaFacile.

Uncovered Classics ۰ June 2015
I designed a book cover for Uncovered Classics: a project that promotes female writers of the 20th Century.

Natural Recall Book ۰ January 2015
My work got published in the Natural Recall artbook, along with 39 other selected artworks.

Sir Magazine ۰ 2014
I illustrated my studio for Sir Magazine's 'workspace' rubric.

Brochure 'Talen Kleuren Je Leven (Afûk) ۰ 2014
Illustrations for the Frisian brochure 'Talen Kleuren Je leven' about raising your kids multilingual. In collaboration with Buro Klei and published by Afûk.

Photoshop Magazine #26 ۰ 2014
Photoshop Magazine wrote an article about me and my work.

Boekie Boekie #94 ۰ 2014
I was nominated for the Boekie Boekie stArt Award, and I ended up in the final ten. Therefore one of my illustrations was published in Boekie Boekie Magazine and in the Boekie Boekie 2014/2015 agenda.

Caren Magazine ۰ 2014
I provided the illustrations for the monthly articles in Caren Magazine: an online magazine about health care.

It Grutte Foarlêsboek (Afûk) ۰ 2013
I've illustrated three stories for 'It Grutte Foarlêsboek': a reading book for young Frisian children, published by Afûk.